Organizing 2017 Korea-Japan Paleopathology Forum

Korean Association of Paleopathology and Osteoarchaeology (S Korea) and Japanese Association of Paleopathology will hold the Korea-Japan Paleopathology Forum on October, 2017.

Date: 2017/10/21-22
Venue: Tokyo (University of Tokyo)

Podium Presentations:

Youngjun Kim (Seoul National University): Paleopathology in South Asia

Eun Jin Woo, Hyunwoo Jung, Sunyoung Pak (Yonsei University College of Dentstry): A Probable Case of Venereal Syphilis in Korea (19th Century A.D.)

Min Seo (Dankook University) and Dong Hoon Shin (Seoul National University): Paleopathological review of malaria in pre-modern Korean society

Poster Presentations:

Myeung Ju Kim (Dankook University): Anatomy of the Joseon mummy's heart: the paleopathologcical basis of cardiology

Chang Seok Oh (Seoul National University): First report on the detection of Helicobacter pylori ancient DNA from Korean mummies

Jong Ha Hong (Seoul National University): Ancient DNA analysis on 18s rRNA and ITS2 genes of Trichuris trichiura eggs obtained form Joseon Dynasty mummies. 

Hyejin Lee (Ministry of National Defense Agency KIA Recovery & Identification): Comparison of dental diseases between agricultural and hunter-gatherers populations in Asia.


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