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Updates of Summer Research in Tyumen, Russia

Reverse Order of Dates
The members of Korean research team with Dr. Sergey Slepchenko
The research subject of Dr. Yongjin Kim. He hope to trace the BMAC culture, that might have related with Harappan Civilization
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Arctic people dish: one of the subjects of our study at this time in Russia
Updates in Siberian Times-. Meet the mummified Polar beauty, her long eyelashes and hair still intact after 900 years
Reported in Russian TV-.
Reported in Russian News: 72-RU-.
Reported in Tass, the Russian News Agency
During the dissection of mummies
The camp
Siberian times reported the mummies newly discovered in Siberia. The cases will be studied by …

Paleoparasitology Session in ICOPA 2018

14th International Congress of Parasitology

The official site of the congress....Click Below

We are organizing the "Paleoparasitology session" for upcoming ICOPA 2018 meeting (Aug 19-24, 2018). 
Abstract can be submitted to (The abstract submission will be available in the spring of 2018).
When you will submit the abstract for the paleoparasitology session, please contact one of the people below who are working for the successful organization of this session.
Karl Reinhard: Min Seo: Dong Hoon Shin: Alena Iniguez:
We will arrange your invaluable abstract to be presented in our paleoparasitology session. 
*We hope to design the Special Issue of International Journal of Paleopathology with the papers based on the novel abstracts presented in this session. 

Lecture: Recent Progress in Paleopathology (Graduate)

과목번호: 801.2607 (대학원/의학과_해부학전공과목)
과목명(국문): 고병리학 연구의 최신지견
과목명(영문): Recent Progress in Paleopathology

일시: 매주 화요일 저녁 6시 – 8시 50분
장소: 해부학교실 회의실

책임 교수: 신동훈 (740-8203)
담당 지원: 홍종하 (740-8199)

성적: 출석-20, 과제-20, 기말고사-40, 학습태도-20

1주차: 9/5 오리엔테이션 신동훈

2주차: 9/12 BLAST (1) 신동훈

3주차: 9/19 BLAST (2) 신동훈

4주차: 9/26 BLAST (3) 신동훈

5주차: 10/10 BLAST (4) 오창석/신동훈

6주차: 10/17 MEGA (1) 신동훈

7주차: 10/24 MEGA (2) 오창석/신동훈

8주차: 10/31 중간고사 신동훈

9주차: 11/7 [특강] 얼굴복원의 이론적 기반 이원준/신동훈

10주차: 11/14 Biopython 기초 신동훈

11주차: 11/21 Phylogenetic Network (1) 신동훈

12주차: 11/28 Phylogenetic Network (2) 신동훈

13주차: 12/5 Bayesian inference in phylogeny (1) 신동훈

14주차: 12/12 Bayesian inference in phylogeny (2) 신동훈

15주차: 12/19 기말고사 신동훈