Updates of Summer Research in Tyumen, Russia

Reverse Order of Dates

The members of Korean research team with Dr. Sergey Slepchenko

The research subject of Dr. Yongjin Kim. He hope to trace the BMAC culture, that might have related with Harappan Civilization

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Street of Tyumen

Back home-.

Arctic people dish: one of the subjects of our study at this time in Russia

Updates in Siberian Times-.

Reported in Russian TV-.

Reported in Tass, the Russian News Agency

During the dissection of mummies

The camp


Siberian times reported the mummies newly discovered in Siberia. The cases will be studied by collaboration of Russian and S Korean scientists. 

Siberia Times

Joseon Ilbo (Korean)

"Researchers from the Centre for Arctic Studies and Seoul National University are working on the finds. Siberian scientists will do tomography tests  to ascertain  the level of body preservation. This will also highlight any burial artifacts hidden inside the cocoons."

Excavation at Chepgul site begins

Tyumen area

The view of Chepgul Site

Digging at Chepgul Site (Kim)

In the second site: Chepgul Archaeological Complex.
* Camp in Taiga forest
* Eneolitihic ~ Bronze Iron Age ~ early Middle Age

Starts paleopathological study in the Institute. 

Breakfast at excavation camp
* Short night (9pm ~ 4 am)
* Riceless/Masalaless meal
* Guitar/Daru/Volleyball is highly appreciated

The sampling

Excavation camp
* Sargat Culture (Iron Age)
* Early Hungarian and Trans-Urals

Kim at excavation camp
Early Iron Age Big Mound Burial (Kurgan)
* pole holes for small house for the dead
* many were already by previous treasure hunters
* black wet soil ... ceramics made of same soil and far glassy soil ...
* anthropological works for population story is awaiting for archaeologists

Leaving for excavation camp

Talking with director

Going to Novo

Arrival at Novo (Kim and Hong)

Our 2017 summer research at Tyumen begins on July 5, 2017:


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